About Us


Hyper Sonic Education an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization was launched in the year 2013 with the sole purpose of imparting quality training pertaining to Vocational and Non Vocational Courses. We have excellent infrastructure, experienced faculties and quality resource and tools to ensure that our students receives the best of training which in turn will make them more efficient, clinical and above all Job ready taking into consideration the requirement of various industries across various sectors.

We believe in carrying out our training programs in such a manner which will make our candidates as competent as we can and make them fully aware about the challenges that they will face in the long run and how to overcome the same.

Our candidates are very satisfied with our training methodology and the way our training is being carried out by our esteemed faculties who are well equipped and immensely experienced in their respective domains.

Before launching our organization we carried out a survey in various places to understand what needs to be done in order to provide the kind of training that will help the student become competent and industry specialist. During the course of survey we felt that the current system is theoretical based and it is not providing enough exposure to the students and the same is not helping to uproot the problem. The students are undergoing courses and in general they are learning things but they were not aware, how to apply the acquired knowledge and how things get executed at industry level. We felt that there are two areas of training that should be given priority in order to make the students’ job ready.

Our observation was that the students needed two categories of training firstly general training about the industry or sector and the second one revolves around the need to give them domain specific training. We also realized that majority of the students are getting degree and diplomas by enrolling for various courses but they are unable to become a true professional either due to lack of knowledge pertaining to their stream or they have received that form of training which gave them very little exposure of the industry so they lack confidence as well as had very little scope or idea in terms of execution of knowledge pertaining to the relevant industry. It is evident that there is huge gap between the job aspirants and the expectation of industry .It is a well known fact that lot of candidates are there who needs job and are willing to work as per the norms of the industry/organization but are unable to get either the right platform or not being able to establish themselves in their respective industry.

There is a constant requirement of the industry in terms of manpower but there is a shortage of quality manpower. Human resource index is also indicating towards this fact and therefore we strongly advocate the need to change the training process and make it more aligned towards the need of the industry as there is no dearth of talent but being able to convert raw talent into some substantial outcome needs a refresh method of technical and  non technical training and we formulated our training method  accordingly .We made necessary adjustment by incorporating some new means and methods of training taking into consideration the actual requirement of various sectors. We have been successful in our endeavor to bridge the gap between the candidates and industries and this gives us immense pleasure as to a great degree we have succeeded in our mission.

Our students are placed in various organizations such as, P.C.S. Technology Ltd., Elegant Network Services Pvt. Ltd., Hue Services Pvt. Ltd., D.S.M. Pvt. Ltd., Sysnet Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Anjaybee Infotech, Max Field Services Pvt. Ltd. Tata Business Support Services Ltd., CMS Computers Ltd., HCL, IDBI Federal Insurance, Serco etc.

Hyper Sonic Education is here to stay and will keep working with all its might for the welfare of student community.