Training Process

Our Quality Process

  • We conducts our training programs through our Hyper Sonic Education certified Trainers to meet the commitment of quality training. We strictly maintain the quality of our trainers.
  • We conduct train the training programme and enhance their knowledge with new updated technologies for better training delivery.
  • The trainer’s training includes evaluation by trading department to check their knowledge and skills of their resources and domain.
  • We conduct refreshment training programs regularly to evaluation and up-gradation.


We have facilitated the Training programs in the following segmentsTraining 1

Training Process for the Trainer

The trainer holds a very prominent position in our scheme of things. We strongly feel that the person who will be responsible for molding the candidates should be competent enough for this purpose. His or her level of clarity, past experience, requisite skills and in-depth knowledge of the profile are areas which are used as a parameter to ensure that we select the right trainer for the respective domain. Once we finalize the trainers we conduct a proper training for the trainers so that we can sharpen their skills further, which will enable them to provide the kind of training that we feel will help the candidates immensely. Once we are over with this phase then we also conduct test for the trainers to reconfirm that we have selected the right person for the profile, followed by a “Train the Trainer Training Program” After this phase the trainers are allowed to start the training process but as and when required we conduct refresher training to the trainer and we give lot of emphasis on such refresher training because when we talk about industry specific knowledge then we have to keep in mind that all the industries are dynamic so the  trainer needs to be given the necessary  exposure in this regard so that they would be able to update and upgrade their level of information and pass on the same to the candidates in the classroom.


Training Process of Candidates

We involve VARK (Visual, Auditory, Reading and Kinesthetic) method of training so that our candidates will gain competency and confidence by undergoing the training programs. Our training process has yielded the desired result however we believe in updating our courses in relation to the requirement and changes happening in the industries.

Our sincere effort is to expose our trainees to the best possible training methodology so that they will improve by leaps and bounds, learn the concepts in its totality, inculcate professional ethics and there is an enhancement in terms of their skill level.

Our training methodology is highly professional and result oriented and we firmly believe the same will help more candidates in near future.

Hyper sonic Education is a pioneer in imparting a very unique method of training which incorporates theoretical, practical and exposure wise aspects and it is proving extremely beneficial to our candidates going by their feedback. We also invite and involve the guardian during meeting so that their view point can be obtained and if found beneficial the same is incorporated into our system.

We believe in overall development of our candidates and we are putting our best foot forward in this direction and we are very optimistic that we would able to change the lives of our candidates both in terms of fulfilling their short term as well as well long term goals and aspirations in life.

Phase of Students Development

Training 4

Our Test Process

We arrange regular online exams for our candidates to judge whether they are improving and moving ahead in the right direction, followed by written exams as well as oral exams. We also give out most importance in terms of ensuring that the candidates deliver presentation on every topic so that we can check their clarity pertaining to that topic and in the process they will gain confidence and their talent will be harnessed and utilized in the right manner. Project submission is an integral part of our training process which adds more value to the training programs meant for the candidates.

Training 5

Placement Process

We learnt a lot from the survey that we conducted prior to launching Hyper Sonic Education and one key observation was to put in place a structure which will provide the best platform to the job aspirants so that they can do justice to their potential and skills.
We ensure that our training method is based on VARK (Visual, Auditory, Reading and Kinesthetic) Method so that our candidates can see things, feel things, learn things and the best part is they also get to see the execution part of various concepts that have been included in the curriculum.
Once the candidates are job ready we conduct Interviews for them by activating our placement cell well in advance before the completion of the batch. We have established professional relationship with various organizations in different parts of the country so that we can place candidates.
We have adopted a simple process for placement. Once the batch is on the verge of completion we provide them a separate type of training which is purely based on interview technique. We make the candidates well versed with the interview process and then send them for interview. In case we are not satisfied with a particular candidate then we work constantly to remove the areas of weakness of that candidate and eventually we see to it that he or she also gets a good platform for building his or her career by getting a job.
We also provide job support to candidates who have not undergone any course at our organization but who possesses the necessary skills for this purpose. We scrutinize such candidates and if we find them suitable enough then without providing any further training we provide them placement absolutely free of cost. We also came across candidates who are good enough barring certain areas which acted as a hurdle to get jobs in their respective professional life. We provided them fast track training free of cost and made them job ready in a short span of time. We at Hyper Sonic Education feels that being a responsible Organization we have certain responsibilities towards the society especially the poor students in particular and this is precisely the reason why we provide free of cost training to certain candidates who can’t afford to undergo such professional training programs but at the same time who are equally competent and can come good provided they are extended the much needed support.
Our mission is to ensure that people who have desired skills or for that matter who lacks the knowledge but are desperate to build a career for themselves are given a platform either by exposing them to our scientifically designed and developed curriculum or by giving the opportunity directly to face interview since they are having the quality required for the same.

Training 6